Ask HN: YouTube is the cutting edge of fake news, why don't Google fix it?

By andrewstuart - 5 hours ago

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Fake news creators pay to promote their clickbait content. Content that plays on people’s fears. Of course people are going to click on it. Then it reinforces the algorithms that are designed to show it more often. It becomes a feedback loop driving crap to the surface. This is happening everywhere. It’s the evolution of social media driven by algorithms to maximize profit.

The better question is: why doesn’t everyone leave these platforms?

decasteve - 4 hours ago

Seen this a lot too.

I guess it spells "money", simple as that.

While the monetary benefit aren't big enough, or even positive, it's not worth doing. What is worth doing is getting ad impression revenue on clickbaity things.

retSava - 5 hours ago

I've been looking for an answer to this for a while now. What would be a good way to fix it, other than youtube have its own moderators to filter the content out?

chrysalis12 - 4 hours ago

YouTube is also still full of ElsaGate predatory pedo accounts and YouTube is happy to play ads to the millions of views each video gets. But Alex Jones? Sorry, can't have him or a few other conservative loud voices on the platform.

aviv - 5 hours ago