Open Source REST API for SpaceX data

By sdoering - 5 hours ago

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Just want to point out that this is not an official API made by SpaceX, but by people hanging around

alien1993 - 4 hours ago

Is there a schema definition available for this API or you are supposed to figure it out by looking at actual replies and hope it doesn't change?

Is there even an equvalent of XSD but for JSON?

magnat - 2 hours ago

I wonder if this kind of data would be better structured in a semantic web way, with a well-defined schema and RDF rather than a siloed JSON REST thing.

cnorthwood - 3 hours ago

What could that be used for, apart from news reporting automation?

TomMarius - 4 hours ago

.Net, PowerShell

We are doomed.

gregman1 - 3 hours ago

undefined - 4 hours ago