Electricity Map – Live CO2 emissions of electricity consumption

By robin_reala - 5 hours ago

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Our civilization is a total disaster.

We face a crisis that we can never stop talking about, 'climate change'. There is a easy and simply model to follow to make a massive impact on this problem, but somehow for reasons of pure bias, ignorance and misinformation we do not do this.

Nuclear power could have and should have solved this problem by now. Nuclear power was on track to replace older energy technologies faster then any earlier energy transition.

But somehow we failed, mostly because of the anti-humans, sometimes called 'environmentalists' who declared war on nuclear above even coal. They declared their goal in terms of anti-nuclear as 'increase regulation to a point where nuclear becomes unprofitable' and they have largely succeeded.

Since then the environmental movement has grown, and the problem they fight have grown, but they never went back and ganged their totally flawed assumptions about nuclear and they continue to spread outright lies and misinformation about nuclear energy.

I would not blame them alone, but the reality is the whole population now basically believes most of these lies, its tragic. The left often accuses the right of being anti-science but in reality most anti-GMO, anti-Nuclear people are form the left.

nickik - 2 hours ago

This page shows that some countries produce electric power in cleaner way than other. This projects only one point of view, and congratulations for countries that are shifting towards green sources.

But, title is misleading: This map doesn't show consumption or total production.

Moreover an option "Show wind" emphasis that countries with less green electricity poison other countries. Which is false. From this map it looks that Europe suffers from Estonia and Poland being there. If we'll consider total production from http://world.bymap.org/ElectricityProduction.html we have following data:

- Estonia: 12900000 (tons / year)

- Poland: 108750000 (tons / year)

- Germany: 228717000 (tons / year)

Without having total numbers there, my feeling is that this page tries to manipulate.

trzeci - 5 hours ago

It's great how much public real-time information is available on energy production and consumption.

Some other links:

France: https://www.rte-france.com/fr/eco2mix/eco2mix

Data from the Irish grid: http://www.eirgridgroup.com/__uuid/2e0badb7-e18f-47bd-8eff-8...

Grid in Denmark (scroll down to the map): https://en.energinet.dk/

Visualization of the networks, no real-time information: http://ec.europa.eu/energy/infrastructure/transparency_platf...

Finished this posting, and noticed that they already have a nice page explaining their data sources: https://github.com/tmrowco/electricitymap-contrib#real-time-...

tralarpa - 5 hours ago

Is there a way (or would you consider adding a way) to view historical data so it's possible to see how the map has changed, e.g. over the last 24 hours?

kingosticks - 4 hours ago

Well that's depressing - Queensland currently sitting at 3rd last. Given our agriculture is also a massive emitter (beef cattle the biggest earner), we are really not pulling our weight.

gravelc - 4 hours ago

With the exception of Denmark, the areas that are in the "green" either have hydro og nuclear.

I understand the issues with nuclear waste, but it seems that's the current trade-off, if you want lower CO2 emissions and don't have access to large rivers.

mrweasel - 5 hours ago

This doesn’t show CO2 emissions. It just lists each country generation type and what that generation type produces per kWh. Where is the actual volume of CO2 per hour or per day?

This site would show 1 family on a little island with a coal furnace as worse than an entire nation burning gas.

dcahill-ieee - 5 hours ago

Australia, what are you doing?

nickcotter - 13 minutes ago