What else is in Go 1.11?

By ngaut - 7 hours ago

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Go is missing 2 things that I care about:

1) proper dependencies management system (the new module system might address this) and

2) gener... nah, just kidding -- actually null protection. I don't want to see another segfault or null pointer failure ever again.

If it had these two features, I'd probably stop toying around with Rust and Crystal and just use Go. Unfortunately, 2) is probably impossible without seriously breaking old code, and they're not gonna break old code.

vesak - 6 hours ago

>Last release where godoc has a command-line interface

What? Are they removing “godoc <pkg>”? I used that a lot as a man page. It’s especially useful when you don’t have internet access

Edit: it’ll still be available in `go doc`, just that `godoc` will only be a web server. https://tip.golang.org/doc/go1.11#godoc

ancarda - 5 hours ago

Plaintext at https://github.com/mvdan/talks/blob/master/2018/go1.11.slide if anyone else gets Chrome freezing for a few seconds navigating left/right.

mappu - 6 hours ago

Is there a good way to view these Go presentations on mobile? I find them almost impossible to navigate on my smartphone.

trulyrandom - 3 hours ago

The "prove pass" is a nice step forward. As that is improved, more subscript checks will be optimized out.

Animats - 5 hours ago

Finally, I can keep my Go projects wherever I want.

wawhal - 7 hours ago

If anyone wants the recording, this is the timestamp in the meetup recording before an edited version is available: https://youtu.be/RGeHsqj2RWo?t=2h16m11s

I can see that the slides alone aren't self-explanatory in some points, for example with the random byte reading or gofmt. I'll make sure to link to the issues/CLs in the slides next time :)

mvdan - 3 hours ago

Huh, a change to spacing in gofmt? Won’t that cause extra source control churn in a lot of projects?

iainmerrick - 5 hours ago

> Last release to support GOCACHE=off

That's a bit disturbing, since Go's test caching can be a bit of a nuisance. I did some quick Googling, but couldn't find an explanation.

eadmund - 2 hours ago

> Some crypto funcs now randomly read an extra byte

Can someone explain how this is a feature?

fenollp - 5 hours ago