A tweet storm explaining the history and state of Ethereum's Casper research

By vilhelm_s - 10 hours ago

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Unrolled tweets: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1029900695925706753.html

It's certainly interesting to read about new efforts to bring about PoS in a way that isn't another dPoS take...

But wow, I don't usually care about chained tweets, yet I can't help but to notice this being 75 tweets long (!?) This isn't just banter type of stuff or responding to tweets, it's a research history recap, something that'd be nice to be searchable a month from now. Amusingly he links to his own blog posts during all this (1). I wonder why he wouldn't just use that? :/

(1) https://vitalik.ca/

ryanchoi - 5 hours ago

This seems further along than currently was believed.

JohnJamesRambo - 4 hours ago

How does this compare to the PoS in the Tezos network?

josephagoss - an hour ago

What does "non-giver of Ether" mean ? This is Vitalik's twitter handle.

seren - 38 minutes ago