Search Engine for Web Page Source Code with 300M Sites Indexed

By ArtWomb - 13 hours ago

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What a gem for web sites vulnerability hunters. Listing pages using some buggy WP plugin should be trivial.

imhoguy - 4 hours ago

One potential use is to find signatures related to crypto miners:

Crypto miners are ncreasingly using webassembly and multithreaded executables in background processes. Details in this recent report on state of browser mining:

Digging Into Browser-Based Mining

ArtWomb - 12 hours ago

Emailing a plain text password? A bold move...

newsbinator - 5 hours ago

$49 per month?? For that price I could afford a human to search code for me.

johndough - 6 hours ago

So looking for the famous "OH MY GOD DOES WATCOM SUCK" from DooM, I get ONE hit and I have to pay to see it?

Yeah, great. 0/10

scruffyherder - 7 hours ago

With a different business model this could have been a game-changing product. Opportunity missed.

cutler - 2 hours ago

Does the same dumb matching of things that are similar to the search query like many "normal" search engines, even when putting things in "quotes", making it useless for at least some queries :/

detaro - 12 hours ago

How did you find the pages to index ? Do you follow any link or you have a criteria ?

roadbeats - 7 hours ago