Show HN: Penc – Trackpad-oriented window manager for macOS

By dgurkaynak - a day ago

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This is awesome. Does anyone know something like this for Linux?

splitbrain - 16 hours ago

Already downloaded, installed, and loved. Thank you for this!

Side note: On that page, you misspelled "Quarters" as "Quaters"

bussierem - 17 hours ago

This looks like a great way to introduce less technical users to the virtues of a tiling window manager. I have found that Amethyst offers a near sweet spot between customizability and complexity for myself.

abair - 6 hours ago

Well now I finally have a reason to risk upgrading to High Sierra, I normally wait a month so I’m not the first person to run into any development environment upgrade issues, incompatible libraries and that sort of thing, but I putting it off till now because of all the significant security issues. I was probably going to skip it until I did the upgrade to Mojave, but this pushes me over the edge, I just can’t wait to use this.

techdragon - 2 hours ago

I was using Spectacle. I never could remember all the shortcuts, but after a few tries, i got what i wanted. But this is just awesome!! Thank you!

lynxaegon - 16 hours ago

This looks awesome, the issue I have with magnet is how far I have to swipe. This looks much faster

Kagerjay - 14 hours ago

The Spectacle-killer I’ve been waiting for! Thank you!!

didgeoridoo - 12 hours ago

Goodbye, BetterSnapTool and your finicky edges!

yeutterg - 11 hours ago