Show HN: A chrome extension that fades out old links on HN/Reddit/News sites

By Veuxdo - a day ago

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I know this fades them out, whether you've clicked on them or not, but it makes me think about how so many sites no longer use a:visited properly, and just style it the same colour as un-visited links. Each day, web usability takes a step backwards. How many extra extensions do we have to start installing before it becomes usable again?! Sometimes I really miss HTML 2.0.

Jaruzel - 5 hours ago

It says it works on mobile, but the button only says Add to Desktop when I visit from mobile chrome. How do I get it working on mobile? Does Chrome on Android even support extensions?

SomewhatLikely - 5 hours ago

This is cool. Is there something similar for FF?

jplayer01 - 4 hours ago

wow, i started writing something similar yesterday.

mine will fade out all that have been "seen" (not visited) and in a generic manner so it will work on all sites. I'm not sure yet if automatically or with a button press.

maybe with a button press and only those links that have been visible in the viewport (if performance allows tracking the position of every link)

is yours open source? if love to steal how you save all the links.

anotheryou - 5 hours ago

Is there source code available? Would like to get this working on Firefox

cift - 3 hours ago