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By dogancan - 2 days ago

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I was thinking of a similar thing for discussion about books as well.

Especially since the official site of a book is usuallly not suitable for that (no forum or separate login per publisher etc.)

Or in the case of Pragmatic Programmers not accessible, if you click on discussion forum at you get redirected to:

Anyone else who is missing something like this?

eterps - a day ago

One piece of feedback I have is to be careful with tagging. What is physics to a biologist [1] is probably not physics to a physicist. If you want communities to build around this hub, then you need to be careful about flooding a small community with unrelated topics because a larger community is more active on the internet.

This looks neat otherwise and I joined.


bocklund - a day ago

Really great - I signed up.

One useful feature might be for the index to show one-sentence blurbs about each paper (in addition to the title of the paper itself). Unless I'm reading papers very specific to my subfield, I need some context to know what I'm looking at & why it's important. Otherwise I fear that only articles with the most accessible titles (or disciplines whose titles tend to be most accessible) will be clicked, read & upvoted.

I would hope that the nature of the type of people who read scientific papers is to avoid sensationalizing too much (like popular science journalism does).

nsedlet - a day ago

Interesting! My first thought went to fermats library, as that's doing something very (and quite well I think) but they don't have a voting system

cake_42 - a day ago

Signed up right away, love the idea!

One note, generally I think academic papers are heavier than articles on HN. Maybe the person sharing a link should be encouraged to add a note/summary/reason-for-sharing/personal-take-away

themmes - a day ago

Awesome site, love the brutalist design!

Edit: post to to get some design feedback if you like!

bgdkbtv - a day ago

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dmateos - a day ago

There is also which works really well with comments directly within the document.

mattmilten - 21 hours ago

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Sreyanth - a day ago