Show HN: Trackerjacker – Map and track wifi networks you're not connected to

By calebm - 3 days ago

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trackerjacker also provides a simple python plugin system that makes it trivial to extend to do all sorts of interesting things (e.g. to look for anomalous wifi devices). One of my original use-cases was to trigger my sirens if a security camera detected motion (based on a data thresholds that uploading a video triggers).

I demoed this at Thotcon and DEFCON this year and will be demoing it at Derbycon in October.

calebm - 3 days ago

That’s pretty sweet. I’m tempted to build some kind of Android UI wrapper for it.

Hysterisis - 2 days ago

What is your opinion on the morality of running this, compared to the morality of data collection by a small blog for advertising and analytics?

soared - 3 days ago

Saw your first presentation at DEFCON! Great job - will definitely use this when I get back to Australia.

tomlock - 3 days ago

I'm trying to use this, but I cannot get it to see anything by following the examples. Will this work with any wifi card on linux or only with certain ones? Perhaps not all cards support monitor mode? I have an Intel 7260 card.

montecarl - 3 days ago

Man this is cool... I have no reasonable use case for it, but I might just make one up.

kiddico - 3 days ago

Just tried with a Raspberry Pi 0 - No luck.

"SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported"

On the roadmap, or is this just a driver issue?

jbuzbee - 2 days ago

Your own Ifttt for Wifi, thanks for sharing!

roberdam - 3 days ago

What is the social network for wifi routers?

mceoin - 2 days ago

Could an esp8266 be used for this purpose? the last 2 boards that I ordered are defective and can't test it...

trumped - 2 days ago